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Check Out Our Outreaches

The Council for Christian Arts, Inc. provide multiple outreach opportunities to the area.  These outreaches are listed below.

Click on the name to get to their page.


In His Presence Radio Network - On WILI 1400

In His Presence Radio exists to promote our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ to the lost and to encourage Christians in the listening area to continue their walk with the Lord.

We also promote local Church events, Ministries, Outreach on our website and on the air.

We can be heard on Sunday evenings from 6PM to 8PM on WILI 1400 AM or 95.3 FM.  We can be seen in the studio during the same time on

We may be pre-empted due to either Red Sox Games or Husky Games.


Food Pantry

Matthew 633 Food Pantry provides nutritious food for people in the Willimantic area. In addition, we hold Life Skills classes to help people to better themselves and their families.

Matthew 633 Food Pantry uses a Supermarket model, the food is set up on shelves by food groups. Patrons/clients walk through the space and take food off shelves as needed according to pantry guidelines.

Free Life Skill classes are offered to help people overcome life's challenges.  These include:

Finance Classes

Parenting Classes (coming)

and we are working on more


Addiction Group

120 Union Street



Parenting Classes

120 Union Street